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Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Ventilation Systems

  Dragon Food Equipment Inc.

  • Thinking of starting a restaurant?
  • Hiring a sheet metal contractor or fabricator?
  • Modifying an existing restaurant kitchen?
  • Need custom-built, custom-made stainless 
    steel backpanel, countertop, equipment, 
    hood, noodle range, shelving, sinks, 
    tables, wok range?​
  • Upgrading a restaurant kitchen? 
  • Installing a ventilation system?



4 Hole Wok Range (DF4)  (a.k.a. Four Burner Wok Range, Four Chamber Wok Range, Four Hole Wok Burner, Four Hole Wok Range, 4 Burner Wok Range, 4 Chamber Wok Range, 4 Hole Wok Burner, 4 Hole Wok Range)​

Custom Wok Ranges

2 Hole Wok Range (DF2)  (a.k.a. Two Burner Wok Range, Two Chamber Wok Range, Two Hole Wok Burner, Two Hole Wok Range, 2 Burner Wok Range, 2 Chamber Wok Range, 2 Hole Wok Burner, 2 Hole Wok Range)

(a.k.a. Cantonese Wok Range, Chinese Wok Range, Commercial Wok Range, Gas Wok Range, Mandarin Wok Range, Natural Gas Wok Range, Wok Range

6 Hole Wok Range (DF6) (a.k.a. Six Burner Wok Range, Six Chamber Wok Range, Six Hole Wok Burner, Six Hole Wok Range, 6 Burner Wok Range, 6 Chamber Wok Range, 6 Hole Wok Burner, 6 Hole Wok Range)​​

8 Hole Wok Range (DF8) (a.k.a. Eight Burner Wok Range, Eight Chamber Wok Range, Eight Hole Wok Burner, Eight Hole Wok Range, 8 Burner Wok Range, 8 Chamber Wok Range, 8 Hole Wok Burner, 8 Hole Wok Range)​​

5 Hole Wok Range (DF5)  (a.k.a. Five Burner Wok Range, Five Chamber Wok Range, Five Hole Wok Burner, Five Hole Wok Range, 5 Burner Wok Range, 5 Chamber Wok Range, 5 Hole Wok Burner, 5 Hole Wok Range)​​

1 Hole Wok Range (DF1)  (a.k.a. One Burner Wok Range, One Chamber Wok Range, One Hole Wok Burner, One Hole Wok Range, 1 Burner Wok Range, 1 Chamber Wok Range, 1 Hole Wok Burner, 1 Hole Wok Range)

3 Hole Wok Range (DF3)   (a.k.a. Three Burner Wok Range,  Three Chamber Wok Range, Three Hole Wok Burner, Three Hole Wok Range, 3 Burner Wok Range, 3 Chamber Wok Range, 3 Hole Wok Burner, 3 Hole Wok Range)​

Our custom wok range series are fabricated and manufactured at our facility, to ensure quality, and can be built as per our customer's requirements.  There are various configurations and models available as shown below.  It is constructed of mainly heavy gauge stainless steel, which is acceptable for use in commercial kitchens and restaurants.  Each range is equipped with a powerful natural gas jet burner(s), suitable for the purpose and type of cooking (e.g., boiling soup, frying, steaming).  

When ordering, please specify the (a) type of cooking, (b) the type of wok to be used for each hole or chamber (e.g., iron wok - one or two handles, rolled edge bowl/wok), and (c) the diameter of the wok.  Please note that accessories are not included (e.g., iron wok, rolled edge wok), and may be purchased locally.  Faucets and soup pots are available for an additional cost, where needed, depending on the wok range configuration.

Below are examples of the wok ranges we have built for our customers.  As every customer's needs are different, our sales team will work with you and your chef to ensure that the wok range is suitable for its purpose.  Upon completion, the wok ranges are adhered with a certification label, recognized nationally, and ready to be operated.  As we specialize in wok range fabrication, the installation of the wok range at your site will be carried out by your local gas technician, plumber, and electrician (for turbo range).  

As our wok ranges are custom-built, the photos are for illustration purposes only, and sizes may vary slightly.  Our company will fabricate it as per our standards.  Thank you.