Custom Stainless Steel Food Equipment and Sheet Metal Fabrication
Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Ventilation Systems

  Dragon Food Equipment Inc.

  • Thinking of starting a restaurant?
  • Hiring a sheet metal contractor or fabricator?
  • Modifying an existing restaurant kitchen?
  • Need custom-built, custom-made stainless 
    steel backpanel, countertop, equipment, 
    hood, noodle range, shelving, sinks, 
    tables, wok range?​
  • Upgrading a restaurant kitchen? 
  • Installing a ventilation system?



Double Pantry Faucet, Wall Mount, 8" Centers, 14" Swing Nozzle, 1/2" NPT Female In

   Automatic Pilot Valve


8" Wall Mount Faucet with 12" Spout

Immersion Heater

Please note, other parts not shown above may be available, or can be ordered as needed.  Please do not hesitate to ask.  

We are here to help.

Volcano Burner 

(Natural Gas)


20-Tip Jet Burner (Natural Gas)

Double Pantry Faucet, Wall Mount, 8" Centers, 12" Swing Nozzle

EasyInstall Pre-Rinse, Spring Action, Wall Mount, 8" Centers, Wall Bracket

Safety Valve

      Burner Tip Drill 

32-Tip Jet Burner

(Natural Gas)

23-Tip Jet Burner

(Natural Gas)

10-Tip Jet Burner (Natural Gas)

8" Wall Mount Faucet with 14" Spout

We carry and stock a variety of replacement accessories and parts as shown below for your convenience.   Please call for pricing.

Pilot J Type

Pot Filler, Wall Mount, 18" Double Joint Nozzle, 1/2" NPT Inlet, Insulated On-Off Cont

      Jet Tip (Nat Gas | Propane)

                           Pilot Head

Thermocouple (36" and 48" available)

Wok Cement