Custom Stainless Steel Food Equipment and Sheet Metal Fabrication
Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Ventilation Systems

  Dragon Food Equipment Inc.

  • Thinking of starting a restaurant?
  • Hiring a sheet metal contractor or fabricator?
  • Modifying an existing restaurant kitchen?
  • Need custom-built, custom-made stainless 
    steel backpanel, countertop, equipment, 
    hood, noodle range, shelving, sinks, 
    tables, wok range?​
  • Upgrading a restaurant kitchen? 
  • Installing a ventilation system?



Stand Alone Sink

We can custom-make stainless steel stand alone sinks of various designs and shapes.

Upon request, a stainless steel sink can have a back piece and a side piece.

Our sinks are ready to be used at your restaurant, and your plumber can install the water flow connections.