Custom Stainless Steel Food Equipment and Sheet Metal Fabrication
Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Ventilation Systems

  Dragon Food Equipment Inc.

  • Thinking of starting a restaurant?
  • Hiring a sheet metal contractor or fabricator?
  • Modifying an existing restaurant kitchen?
  • Need custom-built, custom-made stainless 
    steel backpanel, countertop, equipment, 
    hood, noodle range, shelving, sinks, 
    tables, wok range?​
  • Upgrading a restaurant kitchen? 
  • Installing a ventilation system?



Our custom-made stainless steel storage cabinets allow users to store items in a sturdy and protective place.

Custom sizes available, and various designs upon request, including hinged doors for easy access and removable key.

Storage Cabinets have casters attached to the bottom of the cabinet for ease of access and movement.

Storage Cabinet